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dgareysmith wrote a review about Wild Card in Watauga, TX

open for business

Clean room with nice upgrades from previous room. Don't like that in addition to your membership fee you are charged $35 a day no matter how long you plan to play. Also don't like that you have to pay $25 to enter a tournament. That's in addition to the cost of the tournament. No bomb pots for dealer changes and when they do have a bomb pot they limit each player to a total bet of $50. That's not $50 per round it's $50 for the entire game. Many of the dealers still don't know the "house rules" which causes issues regularly. If WSL can manage to reopen this room will struggle to maintain significant player population.

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  • dgareysmith, thank you for your review... these kinds of feedback is what will make us improve and be better..... A few details.... regarding play rate.... the $13 Hourly rate is still available to you, the $35 all day rate is for those than plan on playing all day.... regarding the $25 seat rental for tourney is due to there is no dealer toke or admin fee added to your tournament entry... 100% of tourney entry fee went to prize pool. I hope we get to see you again soon. Thank you!

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aipark24 wrote a review about Wild Card in Watauga, TX

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  • Airpark24, Our apologies for being closed... Unfortunately, Tarrant County DA closed us down unexpectedly. We're...