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Denise wrote a review about Wynn in Las Vegas, NV


It is the most beautiful room I have ever seen. It was like being in a rich guy's private poker parlor. I suppose it is a rich guy's private poker parlor. It was a little crowded on tables 24, 25, 26 and 27. Being able to order food at the tables was nice, even in low-limit.

Good mix of players. Locals weren't all that tough to beat in the 4/8 or 8/16. As you move up in limit it gets tougher. There was good action at all the tables.

These are some of the best trained, consistently professional dealers I have ever seen. Smooth, fast, knowledgeable and friendly. You want to tip them because it is such a pleasure to be dealt to in such a fashion. One dealer, William, made me feel like I was a guest in his home. He was polite, patient and respectful to every player at the table. He really seemed to enjoy his work. Didn't see a bad dealer in eight hours.

The servers were stunningly beautiful. Strangely enough they had personality too. Mr. Wynn has brought a touch of class back to Las Vegas that was sorely missed. The servers were there often and WAITED for the hand to be over before taking orders.

The room was well managed. The player list is on a plasma screen. There is no manipulation of the list like at the Bellagio where $50 will get you seated right away. Management was helpful and friendly. There were no floor calls on any of the tables I was on in EIGHT hours. They should add a couple of chiprunners when they are busy though.

There were no jackpots or high hands. I never like that anyway because people tend to chase with any two possible jackpot cards. You earn a $1 an hour with a Red Card, even in 4/8. Considering how many hours I play that isn't too bad considering most don't give you anything.

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