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sakadoornobs wrote a review about Wynn in Las Vegas, NV

Different in Every Way

Everything at the Wynn seemed to be different for the sake of different. It's surely a marketing decision to stand out from the competition. Some variances from the norm were nice and others not.

I liked that the room was far from the racket of the slots, but still close enough to a high-traffic area to attract players. It did have a nearby bathroom and coffee shop.

The tables were more round than most, and they only seated 9 players. I liked this a lot. The larger radii on the ends of the table provide more shoulder room and also allow a better view of the flop. I was surprised that such a new room would not have drink holders built into the tables. I did not care a lot for the chairs. I tried four different ones, and they all had a bit of a lean to the right. I also heard another player complaining about them, so I don't think I am imagining it. Must be a design flaw.

One thing I really did not care for were the $3 chips. I was playing 1-3 NL Holdem and $3 chips are used in that game instead of $5 chips. It made counting out bets a pain. The dealers have given up on quoting dollar amounts--they just say "12 chips" instead of "36 dollars". I don't see any reason for the $3 chips. I bet someone ordered them for 3-6 or 6-12 limit and then those games were dropped from the menu. What makes it worse is that you do get the occasional brown $2 rake chip and red $5 chip mixed into the game.

Finally, a very important difference at the Wynn is that there is no limit to the buy-ins, even at a 1-3 NL game. Most people sat down with $300 but some came with $2000. That was a little wierd. I think small games like 1-3 or 2-5 should have limits of 100x the big blind. Save the no limit stuff for the high rollers.

I was playing 1-3 NL Holdem on Saturday night, so the pros were out. The fact that the Wynn does not have buy-in limits made for a tough go. A couple of pros came into this lowly 1-3 game with $2000. They were betting 10x the blind every hand.

I found the dealers to be good. They were obviously experienced and kept people in check. They also spoke definitively and loudly enough to hear, which helps keep players from arguing about gray areas.

I found the service to be good. I never had to wait too long for a drink, and the waitresses were attractive. They also offer different water selections, which was unusual.

Bosses were in constant communication with dealers to fill seats and provide chips to players. I arrived early before it was crowded, so I could not put their lists to the test.

No jackpots that I was aware of. I did not have a Wynn rewards card, but the guy next to me earned a free burger. He said it was good.

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