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Denise wrote a review about Wynn in Las Vegas, NV

My Favorite Room, but...

Elegant and tasteful. A bit crowded at some tables but not terribly so. TV's all over the room that can be seen from every seat. GREAT FURNITURE! Chairs were the best anywhere. This just feels like a place where poker is treated with respect.

Depending on the game and the person. A lot of players that were playing for entertainment and some that were pretty good. You'll know right away who is who. I love the 1-3 No Limit game there. Much better action than the 1-2 anywhere else. Also, there is no max limit on the buy-in, real old school.

Dealers were, for the most part, very good. Some seem to have developed some bad habits (rolling decks, taking incorrect rake, and inattention) since my last visit and a couple have some salty attitudes that are out of place at the Wynn. There are so many excellent dealers that the few bad ones really stand out. One in particular, Colleen, was playing off the clock in my 1-3 game and whenever she lost a hand she would mutter profanities and just generally behave poorly. Almost non-stop complaining from her. Can't believe management knows about her behavior. Some of the dealers need to be given refresher courses in technique. Nothing that couldn't be fixed with some attention to detail. I guess I just expect better from the Wynn.

The cocktail waitresses were very efficient and pleasant.

Player list was well run. It was very busy during the Wynn Classic and everything seemed to go very smoothly. I was seated in just a few minutes of going on the list. The floormen on the evening shift seemed somewhat preoccupied by sports but there didn't seem to be much for them to do. Very few floor calls all day.

I had about 12 hours of play. When I ordered from the Deli, the food service girl asked for my player card and got it comped for me. I didn't even ask for a comp. That was very strong.

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