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Rake way to high

They use to brag they had the lowest rake in the country at $3 and 5% rake. now its 10 percent rake and $5, plus $2... Read More

rake is to high to win

impossible to be a winner with the hi rake .and the dealer was not paying attention.he told me it was a kill pot that... Read More

Not worth it

played there for the first time in 2 years. games are now very very bad. they raised rake to 4 dollars and 1 or 2... Read More

tougher all the time

been playing a long time at the Orleans casino.i only play hi lo Omaha.only place left in las vegas that plays it... Read More

old poker room was better

im going to say bad because of the second hand smoke.in the old room you couldnt get to smoke right by the entrance... Read More

nice and smoke free room

nice room.can play there for hours because of smoke free enviroment.feel good when you start and feel good when you... Read More

cancer pit

they allow smoking at the rail of poker room.makes for a very bad poker playing experience.thats why players there... Read More