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beans wrote a review about Venetian in Las Vegas, NV

old poker room was better

im going to say bad because of the second hand the old room you couldnt get to smoke right by the entrance like you can now.also slots by entrance and on side of poker room so second hand smoke ruins it.i use to play there daily.not anymore.

lets face it.the days of suckers are over with.and there are to many poker rooms around the the suckers can stay in their own citys and play.all you have left here in vegas are the tough of the toughest.

i will say average but better that most other places.good dealers are few and far between nowadays.

i say average

i would say bad because they dont listen about keeping the games away from the entrance where the second hand smoke gets to you.and i can tell their busniess is way off from the old room.theres also to much noise from the sports book.they should have enclosed the whole poker room

the comps are the best 2.00 hour for all jackpots or free food

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