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  1. First time Playing Poker in Vegas - Novice Perspective

    Day one: Arrived at IP (where we were staying) around 2pm. Dropped off bags and immediately went downstairs to play. Lost my 40 in chip...
  2. What a Joke

    I know they're not the top two rooms on the strip for poker, but I went to the IP because it was within walking distance to others so my ...

Recent Reviews

Nice Tournament at 9am

The room is located in a little cubby hole off to the right of the main enterance, only about 8 tables, but spaced... Read More

Not so good at 5am

The room was very clean, very quite and in excellent condition. You could tell it was nice and new. However, the... Read More

Very Big, full of Locals

This room is huge. My favorite part was that the bathroom was directly across from it (I stayed at IP where the... Read More

Tourists Perspective

If any of you played at the IP between 2/25 and 2/28 please email me at There were several... Read More