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  1. You make the call

    Tournament/ level 7 I had AK off suit on the button with an average stack for the table Raised 2x pot- 6G total Everyone bailed except cu...

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" These poker funds are all redistributed back to the poker community so it's un charitable to call it a rake." -... Read More

F U, period

1 hour and 45 @#$% minutes I waited for a @#$% bottle of water and I still didn't get it. I'm so @#$% done with this... Read More

computers at table

End this nonsense. Please. The floor managers needs to start booting these players the F out. Go read your online... Read More

I enjoy it, mostly

Big room, spread out. It's separate from main casino if you like that secluded vibe. I think the competition is... Read More

it's decent

This room is tough to rate because it constantly changes size. Some years the table are spread out some they're on... Read More