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JpMike wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

How do you grade a poker room?

4/5 stars and here's why...

Some players are obsessed with a rooms chairs, some need the best dealers , others need a 3 course dinner at the table. That's great. I don't.
I'm looking for a lot of waitress service for drinks and because I find them refreshing company. Waitresses break up the stress of a poker game. The outfits, the smiles. More is better. Bellagio waitresses were borderline absent but I don't take too much away because I've yet to be at a poker room that actually had good waitress service, ever. I've played 3 places in my life: Bellagio, Foxwoods and Encore. All 3 ran the same waitress wise.
Now what I liked about Bellagio was the general atmosphere. The room itself is not hidden away. It's more in the middle of the action, bars, people walking by big open windows, craps games in the distance etc. I also like the library feel of Foxwoods...more of a separate room hidden away. Big, but separate. My point is that Bellagio's room works well in the Bellagio. It's like the bar in the middle of an airport. Sitting in it you can kinda see a lot. I like it there.
The lighting was nice.
The mood was nice.
Here's what I didn't like...
Kid next to me had his face in his phone that was resting on the rail for 2 hours. Would peek at his cards when dealt... make a decision, bury his face back in his phone. Sorry but this crap shouldn't happen. Especially in Vegas. I wish poker rooms in general would have a universal phone at the table rule. Management did look over the guys shoulder to see what he was looking at on his phone which was good enough, I guess.
There were no maniacs at the table...a few locals, who were good competition and probably the most focused. I appreciated that. And they appreciated that I played hands well. They took notice and complimented me. They can tell if you're from out of town in 2 seconds. So play well, earn respect and repeat.
I would go back.

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