Recent Reviews

Are you serious?

The Pits, well after review, this is a Harrah's property and we all know Harrah's, can't do anything involving poker... Read More

What a hole

Got rtid of bad beat, has needed rmodeling since the 70's, the same 16 - 18 grinders there everyday, might as well... Read More

Fair warning

Very average, still smoking a plus for true poker players. Hard to rate, in the Omaha game, unquestionably the WORST... Read More

Caution !! Risky Business

Tiny, must have been a closet they put 4 tables in to. This place embodies why poker nearly wnt extinct in the early... Read More

Time waits for no one

Room is small and cramped, but well heeled. Definetly an attempt was made to make it posh, but the overcrowding... Read More

Omaha or bust

Crowded, and still allows smoking!! as it should be, sorry if not PC but poker and smoking go togeher if ya don't... Read More

Losey Goosey

Decent Room, obviously "stuck in" as an after thought ,not an actual room. I can honestly say, this room has the... Read More