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  1. tourneys: 0 fer 2, but I'll be back pt.1 (long)

    In town to work the Bull Riding Championship 10/29 thru 11/9. I have three days off in the middle of the trip so the wifey flies out to j...
  2. Tourneys 0 fer 2: part 2

    So, we're at the Mirage...Monday after walking around all morning the Wife lays down to take a nap before the show, so I go down to the p...
  3. First ever WSOP trip, part 1. rather long.

    My brother Glenn had been offered a choice for his 50th birthday. Golf at Pebble Beach or play an event @ WSOP. Well, of course he chose ...
  4. First ever WSOP trip, part 2

    So I'm 0-3 on the satellites, we walk over and watch Phil Ivey play heads up against The Grinder until it's time for Saturday's 1pm Deeps...

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Great room!

I like the chairs here, I find them very comfortable. Tables are clean, some were a little cramped because they had... Read More

very nice!

The room was clean and in good shape. The tables were nice but seemed a bit long, so seats 3 and 7 were pretty far... Read More

Are you kidding me?

The room is nicely done and kind of has a nice 'cave' or clubhouse feel to it. However, I think the tables and chairs... Read More