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paulco58 wrote a review about Hard Rock Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Are you kidding me?

The room is nicely done and kind of has a nice 'cave' or clubhouse feel to it. However, I think the tables and chairs were awful. There was so much printing and flourescent colors on the felt that I could'nt see the bets half of the time. The chairs are adjustable with wheels, they also have lock arm so you can sit straight up or lean back.

If you don't mind playing against drunks and loud mouth punk @#$% punks. I watched as one drunk guy sucked out with trash hand after hand. Every time it was his turn he would look around and say where is it? Is it to me?. Yep, that's why we're all looking at you.

This is where they lost me. The dealers were horrible. They had no control of the tables. When I sat down, people were yelling at each other, a couple of people threw chips at the dealer, as if they were throwing tips into his shirt pocket, chips were flying off the table. some one would ask the dealer a smart @#$% question and the dealer would come back with his best smart @#$% answer. Hilarity would ensue and we would just have to sit there until their comedy routine was done. People would bet out of turn...One hand I limped in, calling the 2 dollar big blind with a red chip. Some one raised and I folded, the dealer scooped all the chips in, except mine and my 5 dollar chip just sat there on the table for the entire hand. He never gave me change and after the hand, I thought, well, no one wants it, so I took it back.

fast and frequent

The floor mgr seemed more interested to talk to hot chicks than run the room. Our table had a high hand, Quad kings, and the dealer called 'Floor' FIVE times. He was standing one table away talking to a girl. Then after he looked at the hand he disappeared and we waited...and waited. Then a totally different floor guy came buy and said..." umm...yea...go ahead I guess and push it."

don't know.

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