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  1. A disapointing tourney Trip

    Stayed at The Vdara with my wife between 10th & 20th Oct. We liked the 'suite' and Hotel, but wouldn't stay there again, as there is ...
  2. A profitable and extremely enjoyable tournament trip

    1st visit in 2007, thought I'd submit my 1st trip report, particularly as it was my most enjoyable stay !! My wife and I visited and sta...

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A friendly place to play

Room to sit, comfortable and friendly Players in the tourneys were of a low standard, but hard to play against as... Read More

Quality room

Outstnading place to play, loads of room, excellent dealers and Mark the say shift manager and next to the restrooms... Read More

Great little room this !

The room was pretty good and very friendly, players, management and dealers, not great room between tables. Only... Read More