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david10042001 wrote a review about 101 Poker Club in Katy, TX

Better night time management needed!

I have been there since day one they are opened. I like the owners, food, drinks. However, I felt I have been treated personally and badly tonight: i came at midnight, Moody, the person who was running the floor put me as first person on 1/3 PLO list, and allowed me play on 5/5/10 table while I was waiting for 1/3 table seat available. At the time I was trying seat on 1/3 table when seat was available, Moody changed his mind that he wants rest of players on 5/5/10 table draw for the seat because some of player on that table left, some other players wants to play on 1/3 table. So wait list is cancelled and I lost my seat at 1am when 5/5/10 table is broken. Come on! When I came in, there are 8 players on 5/5/10 table, NO one wants to transfer to 1/3 table, I was the ONLY one on 1/3 table wait list. But because by the time some player left, the other 3 players want to join the 1/3 table. It makes feel that I was not the one qualified to play in this place.

As I mentioned I was there long enough to know every staffs in this place. 99.9% of the staff there are very friendly and treat all customers equally. However, someone is the special one (I am not mentioning the name here, but Steve, Doug, Edward, you should find out): he was acting as BIG BOSS that show the attitude of "my way or highway", disappears when players were looking for floor for help, or come to the table to show he was bothered. I can't speak for others but for myself: I come to play for fun, not here to be treated as I am begging to play or to be served as customer!

I have the player membership, do I have equal right to play there? At least to be treated equally as customer? Why did you treat me like this???

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💰 $31,000 NLH JACKPOT 💰
🆓 🍗🍻 While playing cash games

🆓 $15,000 Appreciation Freeroll 🆓
  ↪Saturday Dec. 2 12:00pm
  ↪Play 1 hour to qualify - 500 chips/hr
  ↪FREE Entry + 15,000 chips $20

🥇 $30,000 GTD NLH Tournament 🥇
  ↪Saturday Dec. 16 12:00pm
  ↪$340 + 10,000 chips $20
  ↪ $10,000 GTD 1st place

🍀 $10,000 Lucky Seat Giveaway 🍀
  ↪Saturday Dec. 30 1:00pm - 10:30pm
  ↪$500 drawing every 30min

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