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26 Tables
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KirbyCake wrote a review about 52 Social Club in Round Rock, TX

Low fees and good promotions

Lower hourly and monthly fees than other cardhouses in Austin. There are also good promotions nearly every hour or 2.

Food is also very good, better than most restaurants that I've been to.

Sometimes there are not many tables and it may be difficult to find a game that you want to play in. I don't blame them though as it is close to another cardhouse which is currently far more popular.

My main gripe is that it my friend got screwed out of the worst poker ruling of all time.

3 people go all in. 2 of them want to run it twice and 1 person who is covered by both players only want to run it once. My friend and the other person agree to run it twice for the side pot only.

My friend wins the first board and the other person who wants to run it twice wins the second board. Initially the entire main pot and half the side pot is correctly given to my friend. However, the floor was called and eventually forced my friend to forfeit half the main pot.

If it isn't obvious why this ruling is absolutely insane wrong, consider the case where the person who only want it ran once wins the first board and somebody else wins the second board. The first person would need to give up half the main pot despite wanting to only run it once.

Literally running it multiple times would change the EV of each player when it is NEVER supposed to.

I have not even heard of a ruling anywhere near as bad as this one, even worse than the TCH card flipping ruling.

It's a good place to play but you need to protect yourself and clarify everything to protect yourself from @#$% like this.

Food and Drink

Announcements from 52 Social Club

Unwind, Dine and Wim at 52 Social !
Discover a one - stop destination where dining and full service bar meet the thrill of Poker. Indulge in delights at our restaurant and bar , then test your luck at our exciting Poker room. It is the ultimate night out !

*** We will open 6:00 P.M. *****

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