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Playing Around History

Had a great time at Binions this weekend overall. Really enjoyed spending some time there. If you've never been there, it's a great throwback to history. Seeing all the pictures reminds you about the past of the game and it's amazing.

The play wasn't THAT amazing though. Some odd players in there but it was alright. Action was a little light but still ok. Not a lot of variety in the games and the room is a little small.

The two things I didn't like: One was the floor managers. Overall, they were good but I did hear one snap at a dealer and didn't think it was necessary. Might have just been a frustrating moment that built up but they have to watch it. The other floor person was dealing with a drunk which is never good but he started raising his voice on the floor and got out from behind the podium to getting on the guy's case. The guy deserved it there was probably a little better way to not draw attention.

The other was there were some intoxicated players there causing a little trouble. Two of them harassed some of the women there and the other was the guy mentioned earlier. Booze is always going to be around but it might be something to monitor a little better.

Dealers did an outstanding job, floor team otherwise kept everything running well and drink service was very good and cordial. No complaints there at all.

They do have a very good comp program if you can play regularly. Lot of cash paid out if you put in the time.
So just a few things to clean up but overall I had a great experience there.

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