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grimjack wrote a review about Binion's in Las Vegas, NV

The Godfather of Poker

Took a visit to Las Vegas the first week of April and stayed downtown. Visited Bininons for the first time in a few years and was pleasantly surprised to see several tables going. They had a single 1-2 NL and 2 limit tables plus a tourney table (all in the main room)

They had a high hand promo going for $300/$150/$50 although I may have the amounts wrong I am close. You need full house or better and it was fairly easy to win. They were camping per hour very well. No hotel but they still have their steakhouse.

On a surprising note they had good beer. I was drinking st Pauli girl dark. Yum...a nice change apart from the limited beer selections at other joints, not that I normally drink.

Finally and surprisingly they had a strong mixed game going on as well. The action was better than it has been since the changeover making it Binions and I would certainly come in the future the next time I visit.

My one negative comment is that we had a live game going on late night with four players. We were willing to keep it going but the floor closed it down when one of us, the lady at the table got up to use the restroom. We were all willing to wait. I am sure it is more about the house making less than their dealer hourly cost, but I felt like the dealer wanted to stay and the floor wanted to get off early. In my opinion you never close a game until the players break it. This is how you generate interest and get overnight tables going which translate into two overnight tables and grow your player base. This is Vegas and there are always people on other time zones showing up or waking up at odd hours. They got rid of the 2am tourney as well. Oh well.

Overall, it seems like overall this place is improving and I will swing by again when I am in town for the series.

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