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nomamesdelsol wrote a review about Casino Del Sol in Tucson, AZ


This is probably the poorest ran room with the worst games. The floor here really doesn't know what they are doing 95% of the time. They don't start games when there are 15+ people on the list and they frequently start the wrong game that will break after an hour. I've seen the floor make terrible rulings at the poker table, most which are in favor of the regular players which is terrible and a turn off for out of towners. The dealers are the same story. I've yet to see a dealer go a whole down without making a mistake. I've seen $1000 in which they had to do burn and turn that changed the outcome of a hand. Most of the dealers are there just because it's a job, only about 5% of them are qualified to deal a hand of poker. Many of them think of dealing as a social hour to hang out with the players or watch the football games on tv, very few if any pay attention to dealing and like I said all of them make at least 1 mistake a down even at the 2/5 and 5/10 games.

There is not much money in Tucson so in the bigger games that run at Del Sol like 1/3 and 2/5 they have people who really care about the money and are very tight and waiting for the one loose player. If you are the loose player it's very hard to beat 8 other players that only play the nuts so I suggest either not playing or just waiting and going to Phoenix to play. There are bigger stake games with more action players that run around tucson. If you're looking for a good poker game I suggest you try to find those games rather then play at the casino. Most games are 8 bum hunters who whine about bad beats waiting for the one fun player, but a lot of the time you get 9 very boring players all playing less then a 10% vpip which is terrible for any poker game. These are 90% of the poker games at Del Sol.

The service is horrible it takes an hour to get eggs and toast and 30+ minutes to get a drink. Honestly if you are in Tucson and want to player poker I suggest you just wait until you are somewhere else. Del Sol is definitely it the place you want to play cards if you want to have a good time.

I honestly wish I could say something good about the poker room but I just can't think of anything. They have a decent 6/12 mix game with big o and stud. That's fun game with some good action for a 6/12 game whatever that's worth. Oh they have some good promotions, the only thing is you need to play 100 hours to be able to be qualified for the top tier which to play 100 hours in this room would make most sane people commit suicide. They don't have good promotions for random people who show up wanting to play. That being said I suggest finding other places to play poker and not waste your time at Del Sol. But if you do play at Del Sol prepare to yourself to be in a boring tight game with players who only play the nuts, dealers who make countless mistakes, and players who are not entertaining and do not make poker great.

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