pokerboy111 wrote a review about Casino Del Sol in Tucson, AZ

Hole in the wall poker room

The casino is beautiful. The poker is an after thought ran by an out of touch gm who cant figure out how to get out of his own way.
So many regs they check down to each other. Reminds me of my grandma's sewing club.

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Announcements from Casino Del Sol

Now playing 8 handed!
Poker Weekly Tournaments
Thursday @ 6pm, Tuesday and Wednesday @ 1pm
$40 Buy-in, $5 Dealer Appreciation, $5 Add-on (after 5th round)

Sunday Bounty Tournament at 1pm
$60 Buy-in $10 Chip-up
Knock a player out and receive $20!

Suited Splash Pots
When three (3) spades, clubs, hearts or diamonds appear on the flop, $50 will be splashed on the next hand.

High Hand
$100 High Hands EVERY HALF HOUR. 1215pm - 1215a on Mondays. 1215p - 315a on Thursdays.

Friday Night Drawings
$200 Drawing every hour! 11am - 3am

Progressive Cash Drawings
$200 Drawing every hour, one ticket will be drawn at each drawing time, if a winner is not selected the $100 prize will roll to the next drawing time.

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