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lbrachfe wrote a review about Casino Del Sol in Tucson, AZ

Things change

Have been playing this room a couple of years and found like everything else it has changed dramatically. Is it the times ? The management ? The dealers ? The players or a combination of all ?
Personally I have seen , heard and experienced some outright cheating on very low levels and too many times lately witnessed and personally experienced threats of violence from players ignorant to decorum , drunk or not happy with the outcome of play. This is a game , but for many only a gambling addiction or outlet to push others around. Dont get me wrong ! The majority of players are polite , gracious, fun to be with and respectful.. Most are like me and just like to play poker. The immature and ignorant tend to make the most trouble , but as of lately cheating is deep in the conversations and I have personally experienced this both from players who are not in hands giving advice to friends who are in hands to dealers ignoring proper control of their tables and even commenting on players when they are not in the room.. I witnessed two dealers on more than one occasion acting or speaking in ways unacceptable to anyone , but nothing happens to them when its reported. There has also been several dealers who left or were fired in the previous month and this is also alarming to many. Lastly, the room has unfairly steered all of its promotional monies to football alone and players who come to only play poker have been penalized and the perks go to a select few. There needs to be promotional equality reintroduced to this room. Lastly, I have made some wonderful acquaintances here both with staff and other players with some I like to call friends . Im hoping staff can correct some of the obvious shortcomings and ban players that incite or threaten violence or the integrity of play... Larry Brachfeld

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