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mgoblue7 wrote a review about Casino Rama in Cumberland Beach, ON

Bizarro Poker World

As a pro from las vegas i typically dont review small poker rooms like this. my expectations are a little different based on the venetian or bellagio rooms i normally play in. but this place was a bizarro world. and it wasnt the poker.

Competition, typical small room. some locals people trying to grind a living with some people on vacation with just basic knowledge. pretty straight up except one older and elegant chinese woman. i love playing against chinese women as i find them good luck and great players.

this woman was as good as most pros i know. the flop was hitting her in the face and she knew how to play it. after she left i wiped the table but the others remarked after she left how lucky she was. i had to laugh to myself as she took over 5k from them that it wasnt an accident. she was good.

promotions and comps? there were none. we were there to give them money and they didnt appreciate it at all. and when i say there were none ...there were none. but that isnt the problem either its typical for no comps outside of vegas for any game much less the poker room.

dealers. were overall better than decent i was kind of impressed. had a couple who were really good and no one that was horrible until i went out to smoke.

Food and drink? was obscene. ordered a beer since i finished the one i bought from the typical centre bar they had. paid full price no discounts and beer in this country is nuts to start with.

they refused me service. i am 43 years old. 210 pounds and 6-1. it was my first beer but they said they have a one beer and hour limit. i was in shock. i thought it was a joke?

in vegas security pours shots in your mouth and outside of being physically violent
you can drink as much as you want while the pros take advantagge of you. i rarely drink at the table but i was here on vacation not for work.

it was insane no drinking. it actually tilted me i think.

management was fine. i would give them five stars for what they are doing. it isnt there fault the tournaments are laughable. one a month. the room isnt full and there is no attempt to make it better.

but then i realized no one has any ambition here. poker room managers in vegas are a pretty big deal. they make a very nice living and respond to their players. they will adjust the games and service to the players. these guys dont care and dont know how to fix it if they could.

after winning a four way pot for about 2k i went up to get a smoke. i was in fourth position and a guy in first position third position and 7th all busted. good guys but i had them from the start with top set of tens on the flop.

i come back after a smoke and my stack is a quarter of what it was. im gone five minutesw and my stack is missing. the guy in position one is now on my left....and he was busted
i told the dealer what happened to my stack and he said its right there.

i said its way short go to the cameras. THEY do not have cameras in the poker room. it isnt house money so it isnt monitored. so i ask if the guy to my left rebought because he has a stack now and i busted him.

they refused to answer. rebuy max is 200 and he had like 1200 in front of him so how did that happen?

they didnt respond or do anything. i didnt even call the floor. i told him that he needed it more than me and wished him luck.

that was my night. talk about a home game i guess lol.

no regulation. no service. no comps. it was bizarro world.

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