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CallmeBaby wrote a review about Casino Rama in Cumberland Beach, ON

special place

-No reduced rake when playing short handed.
-No comps.
-Slow and grumpy dealers that are undertrained and need assistance and a lot of time to deal with split pots, exposed cards, missed blinds, etc.
-Eating here is a disaster. There is no eating allowed at the table and only 1 player is allowed to take a dinner break at a time. So if 9 players are at the table around lunch or dinner, how do they expect all the players to eat? Adding to the fiasco, players are picked up immediately if they miss more than 1 bb.
-The call in system is a total, ridiculous flop. The poker managers can NOT keep control of the list. If they forget to add you when you call in or put you on the wrong list, they will not fix it when you arrive. They have no record of who called in and when, and therefore are unable to fix mistakes. They also give seats to the favourite regs under the noses of the people on the list.
-According to the dealers themselves, they do not schedule dealers on the weekends to bloat the number of players on the list. This entices the players on the list to play other games that are more profitable for the casino.
-On the weekends, the poker managers lie and say they will be opening tables at a certain time and then don't. This keeps the players on the list hanging around. The casino managers of course hope they will go and play other games in the casino.
-They do not call players when they are next on the list. Your name flashes in red on a small screen, only visible by the front waiting area. So if you don't see it because you are in the washroom or elsewhere in the casino, you are put to the bottom of the list. NO EXCEPTIONS.
-If the table is short handed and you take more than 5 minutes in the washroom, get picked up because you missed two blinds, you are put at the bottom of the 50 plus person waiting list. Which of course means no more poker for you that day and you get to drive home in perplexment at how a business such as this can exist.
-You can connect to wifi for about 3 minutes at a time, once an hour. If you're lucky.
-Chairs are not adjustable.
-Unruly players are left to tantrum instead of being spoken to by the poker room managers.
-No phone charging stations at the table.
-No phones when you have cards, not even on the rails, including watching a show.
-Casino took a player's platinum card when he was diagnosed with Chrone's Disease and couldn't come in for a year while he was recovering. Nothing to do with poker but a testament to what we're dealing with here.
-Dealer button is not drawn for. It is always on seat 9 when a new table is started.
-TV's are small.
-New players at a table must post.
-One dollar chips are dropped in the rake box which means it fills too quickly. I have seen it twice that security has to pry the box off because it was over filled. Management still refuses to collect ones on the side and only drop 5's.
-The legs and wheels on the dealer's chair are to big and get intertwined with the legs on the chair in seat 1 and 9. A bit nit picky but common, you already have 10 adults crammed at a small table, the least you can do is get chairs that fit!

-can't think of any

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