texasgato wrote a review about Champions Social in Houston, TX

Lone Star poker Tournament

I like this room a lot. However, The Lone Star Poker Tournament has a few issues. 1. The people who run the tournament and own the brand play in the tournament. This is an issue that means the fees help them buy and funds them playing against the players. While it may be above board the Optics are clearly very bad and is a conflict of interest. The people who run the tournament should not be playing in it or funding other players. Champions I think should keep the series but think about asking the LS group not to play in it. This is only getting wrose when the owner of the brand is placing in the money in many of these tournaments.

Also, the 25 percent fee for some of the events is just too high. Normally 15 to 18 percent fee for these size tournaments typically.

Many players are not aware of this and I think if they were they would just find a more transparent competition.


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