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6seven8 wrote a review about Club One Casino in Fresno, CA

Increase in rake by $1 to $6

The price of poker just went up and not in a good way. This place was really growing on me and a lot was due to the rake being still at $5 while $6 other places. Not the case anymore. Oh well. Still worth 3.7 stars. 4 if you round up for this system.

December 28, 2018 -
This is an update to previous reviews over the past few years. After visiting recently I see the service is willing to actually give service which is nice. The games are currently the better ones in town for mid-day. I have noticed the rake is better than the competition by $1/hand. This really adds up. Here it is currently $4 + $1jackpot drop in no limit games. The one thing I must gripe about is that all $5 are dropped if the pot is $9 making it a $4 pot. This is insanely high compared to Indian casinos and online poker but competitive to local brick and mortar rooms. They give $1/hour for the no limit games and I believe $1.5 or $2/hour for the bigger no limit games. It's not currently running so dont quote me. Hourly high hand and other promos are nice but it's just a mirage. This is money they take from the drop every pot so it isnt impressing. The dealers are decent. Most are nice and good at their job so that is enough for me. The food is slightly overpriced for the quality but I wont complain too much. Its decent and worth eating here if you are playing long sessions. Good selection of food is nice. Years ago I got food poisoning here twice so I am very selective with which food I eat here and the temperature I request it to be cooked. Management seems good. Everything in account this place is growing on me. I hope they continue to make it better and friendlier.

May 20, 2018 -
I play mid-to-high stakes poker. This place is the last resort. There are better games and service elsewhere. I've had many horrible experiences here. Last one being the $1,000 buy-in WPT event. They can't get anything right and when they are at fault for anything (and pretty much everything) they try to attack the customer. Had several experiences within the 2 day period I spent here where 3 different dealers were either not keeping the game moving (in a $1000 tourney) or the dealer made mistakes in a cash game that cost me money. If you can avoid this place I would recommend looking not far away to find a good game and better service.

November 26, 2017 -
Game selection is great. Food is good, with a wide menu. If you like great customer service, this isn't the place. There are great, good, and bad employees here. When you ask for a glass of water while sitting at a table playing cards, the server shouldn't point to a station where you can go get one - I want to continue playing. When you ask the dealer for a players card, they shouldn't point to the front desk where you need to walk and get one. They should call someone to assist you. I've also had a few good experiences here as well, so I can't say it's all bad, but that if you are looking for *great* customer service this isn't the place. Generally the best spot in town to find a mid-high limit poker game though. The fact that they give hourly comps for playing at the table is nice. The rake at any California card room is outrageous these days so it is nice to get something back there. Had an experience last night where I called to see if a 2/5 Rock NLHE game was running and was told it was. Took the trip down there and there wasn't even a list. I learned about poker atlas being used in this room so I won't make that mistake again. Overall, the games, atmosphere, food and drinks are good but they could definitely spend some time training employees to give better customer service and in-general, more professional.

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