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BigDRebel wrote a review about Daytona Beach in Daytona Beach, FL

High Risk of Catching COVID-19

Yesterday I played at Daytona Racing and Gaming for the first time since the pandemic hit. I have never been afraid of catching COVID-19 until I hit this card room. I do not live in fear. But this was so blindly stupid and biologically unsafe, after 2 hours I took my $600+ winnings and left. I was on a huge heater and I left. That's how concerned I was.
Here are just 2 examples: (1) when I entered, they did the usual temp check and mask and that's good. So I go to the counter to put my name on the list and the guy behind the counter asks for my promo card. I asked, "You want me to hand you my card?" and he looked at me like a dumb @#$% and said yes. Every other card room in Florida will not dare touch your card--they look at the numbers and type them into the computer. Can you guess why? Every group of people has "asymptomatic carriers" in their ranks. These "asyms" are carriers of COVID-19 who don't show symptoms for a number of reasons. Suppose the guy before me was an "asym." It is highly probable his card would have the virus on it. So when the idiot grabs his card, he has just contracted the virus. Then he grabs the next and the next and passes it to every person in the card room, who then spread it everywhere. It is the sole reason we wear masks and they closed the schools and we social distance-- so that the "asyms" will not infect everyone.
(2) Later on, a manager came to me and handed me a "non-fogging glasses sheet" to use on my glasses. He was real loud and direct and, frankly, I had my earbuds in and didn't hear most of what he said. I had already cleaned my glasses with special cleaner at home but I complied happily. I then asked, "You are going to give me that cleaner sheet, right?" He got real angry and said, "@#$% no, they cost $15 at WalMart!" I'm not kidding. So I said, "What if you or I are asymptomatic and you share that sheet with other players? You will pass it from person to person." The manager just looked at me and said, "I don't have it and if you do you shouldn't be here." I said, "You know what asymptomatic is, right?" Everyone at the table was nodding and smiling. They understood completely. This guy was real dumb and I think he thought I was making fun of him, which I wasn't. So he said to "clean my glasses or he would throw me out." I swear it's true. I had already finished cleaning my not-dirty glasses, so I said," Yes sir. Thank you very much." and he went away.
What a moron! This is the guy deciding policy at this poker room? He could actually be spreading COVID-19 to every glasses-wearing player by re-using a "glasses cleaning cloth" and he's too stupid to understand why. Even worse, they are having some big promos coming up and there are gonna be a lot of people catch COVID-19 from this card room if they don't find a manager with a little common sense.
That being said, the competition was soft and the promos are good, so wear a good mask and stay away from management types. I don't live in fear so I plan on going back and have played there many times before the pandemic. It's a beautiful card room. But I guarantee they close this place down if they don't wise up.

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