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Not only were 4 people at the table that werent in the hand make comments the entire hand. They were warned by the dealer. Gentleman was talked into making a call due to the board and dealer agreed that they had been talking about the hand. Floor said warning will be issued, obviously they knew collusion had happened seeing as how the dealer agreed and the floor agreed to warn the players. What good does a warning do when they already won the pot. Avoid this casino like the plague. It used to be a great casino and card room but since covid they just dont care about their patrons, Floor and Management wouldnt even consult table to see what was said. The gentleman that convinced the caller to make a call admitted to doing so. However without follow up from the staff It is just water under the bridge. Wont be back and recommend all do the same. Unless you have a buddy that you like to collude with they obviously dont mind if hands are discussed as each card is dealt. Too bad staff doesnt care about their patrons being ripped off. May sound disgruntle but and not gonna lie I am hot, but if you are not in a hand you shouldnt be able to speak on the hand. Especially every street when multiple warnings were given. Dont expect my money back because thats how these places work, you find any edge on them they ask you to leave. You get stolen from and they say there is nothing that can be done.

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