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3 Tables
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pizzaboy wrote a review about El Cortez in Las Vegas, NV

Not a bad pick

The poker is pushed into a corner of the casino and consists of four very old school tables with old school chairs, not that bad really...i love gambling downtown, very relaxed vibe...the walk is kinda scary but worth it...if you go to vegas to play cards you have to go here just for a few hours, what a treat!

played 1-6 limit hold em' with mostly local grubs...some were tight others were not...this one guy was picking his nose when the action was to him, "Ray...Ray...Ray!" the dealer shouted, Ray looked at his cards and threw in 3 chips with the same fingers that were just inside his nose...I didn't want to win that pot...locals say the owner of the casino plays here all the time during the afternoon

they smoke and deal at the same time!

No Red Bull but drinks come fast

Most friendly ever and not bad card players either.

didnt play long enough to ask

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