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candy7718 wrote a review about Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MA

poker player

Went to Encore and played poker over 11 hours yesterday , once again , terrible service can be had at Encore ! Most of the floor at Encore are useless ! Try asking them to change the TV channel is like asking them for free money ! I had personally seen dealers hit red button looking for help but got none ! White chips are running low at both my table and other tables , feel bad for both dealer and fellow players , decided to go downstairs to get white chips for dealer ! What happened ? Instead of thanking me the 2 floor got mad ! Dealers has improved but floors still Sucks , lucky for Encore not all floors Sucks few are good , Cocktail service is still BAD ! I don't even mind the high rakes , but if you are going to charge HIGH rakes shouldn't you provide service ??? Also if you're telling others that you got 5 stars ? Please ACT like a 5star casino !

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