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avfromsauga wrote a review about GC Toronto in Toronto, ON

just stay home

Friday night of a long weekend and they didn't think to open more than 7 tables at 1/3, 830pm wait list was over 80 people long

On top of that, the pitboss responsible for seating players barely speak english

The dealers call for an open seat once with low volume (lmao there is music and over 100 people in the room)

I had to walk around looking for open seats so I can move the list and get on faster

They have 'cardroom' specific rules (ex. Min bet $3, min raise $3, the new minraise is $6 (and not $3)) but don't have it in writing

A complete clusterfuck of a cardroom but unfortunately they have a legal monopoly in the GTA and probably the softest competition but most of the money goes to the rake

Underground cardroom regulars are showing up now. This room will be finished soon and turned into a slot floor.

Dealers are hit and miss. Some are great some are OK most don't have a clue

Waitresses are late and forget orders or don't show up at all when there are table games open on the main floor

Has the potential to be a great room but unfortunately upper management are bean counting idiots instead of poker players.

Playgrounds in Montreal is still the golden standard and have nothing to worry about as long as GCC stays the course.

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