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Bass3067 wrote a review about GC Toronto in Toronto, ON

WSOP Standards be damned

The Toronto Great Canadian Casino was without question the WORST WSOP I have ever took part in. The registration for tickets was a complete debacle it took over 7 hours to line up and buy you Event tickets. Over 7 hours with no food or drink. The Management didn't display one ounce of common sense with every request to make up a list of the over 200 people forced to stand in line for hours on end with only 1 cashier registering hundreds of people 1 at a time. People were asking for some water or can we get a waitress which were 100 feet away serving the cash players. The dealers were absolutely terrible. There were no updates on any tournaments. No winners posted, no pictures, no reviews on any tournament events. No reports or live updates on the Main Event absolutely not one word on the main event while it was being played. No posted info on any tournaments. No ability to call in, phone rings endlessly before someone picks up, wait times between 40 and 50 minutes for somebody to pick up the phone. Absolutely terrible poker room the Supervisors were the worst I've ever seen. The staff running it were an absolute joke, no penalty enforcement for rules which were continuously being broken. Outside of being able to deal the cards out for each hand, the dealers had no clue on what they should or shouldn't be doing. Not once did a dealer enforce or call a player for breaking WSOP rules of play. This was a terrible representation of the WSOP that's suppose to be the world's highest standards for the game of Poker. Shame on you for letting this WSOP be reduced down to a back room poker game.

Food and Drink

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