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LemonButt wrote a review about Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV

Horrible Room, Read This Before You Go!

The room was fairly nice, however I don't see the draw. I cannot give them any higher than a one and raise the overall rating however (on any rating). The tables have wood trim for the area where your chips are kept, however it isn't flush with the rest of the table so there is a decent sized "valley" between the felt and the wood which can interfere with the game.

Mostly locals who throw their money away. I was going through a very cold streak for two plus weeks and saw no cards while I was there and managed to take $250+ off the table playing very tight. Max buyin at $1/2 was $200 and I had over $500 as well as a few others and 2 players had over $1000 by far. Fairly loose agressive and easy to trap players.

Seemed to be better than average.

There is a bar in the poker room, yet when I got my drink, I was caught by surprise since it took so long I actually forgot I ordered anything. Not sure what was going on.

This is the reason why I give the room a 1, so here it goes:

When I first walked in, I asked if there was an open seat at $1/2 no limit. The guy said no, turned his back to me, and ignored me. I tried to get his attention again to no avail. Finally, I ended up getting on the list after a player who came in after me was put on the list. I expected this to happen after the stories I heard about the floor staff, so I let it slide. I played some video poker and missed my name called. The PA announcement only goes throughout the poker room and not the whole casino (where I was playing video poker), so again it was my fault because I didn't know. I went back to the poker room and got back on the list and stayed in the poker room to wait. When my name was called, I could barely hear it because their PA system is so horrible--and I was inside the poker room. Anyways, I got my seat and played.

While at the table, I heard stories about how Phil Gordon was playing a week or two before. Apparently he was at $1/2 since $2/5 was full and he couldn't get in, so everyone wanted to play $1/2 with Phil Gordon. There was a list going to get into the game and one player bribed the floor person with $100 to get bumped to the top of the list. I don't care who you are, there is no reason why you should be able to buy your way to the top of a waiting list. The floor person took the $100 and put the player in the game ahead of everyone else on the list.

The dealers chop $1 chips into quarters to pay rake/jackpot in smaller pots. No big deal, right. However, if you win quarters, they don't play on the table. I do not understand how you can pay me with money in the pot and say it doesn't play. On top of that, the dealers weren't consistent with chopped pots. Sometimes the extra dollar would goto closest to the button, other times it was chopped into quarters and split.

Station casino's bad beat jackpot. Not sure about the rest.

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