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Raven wrote a review about Harrah's Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

4 Tournies at the Harra's

The room was pretty big and very spacious. It was clean and smoke free which actually didn't bother me as a smoker cause the room is closed off by glass so you don't really want to be breathing smoke for 5 hours. The glass is actually a pretty great idea cause the noise from the freakin' slot machines usually drives me insane after a while. It's so nice not to hear it. That room was actually a part of sports book before it was converted so they have a bunch of big screen tvs on one of the walls. They have different channels on every tv but they do have one that plays nothing but poker. They also have one that's constantly on CNN for those of you who can't live without it. The atmosphere in that room is great. Everyone I met there was friendly and I don't mean in a sarcastic way. I mean genuinely friendly. It was very pleasant.

The competition is avarage at best. Remember that the tournaments they run are low buyin (30$ or 40$ plus 1 rebuy it's up to you to choose if you want to buyin for 30 or 40) so pretty much beginners go there to play. There were a few people who made some horrible mistakes and others that were pretty solid. The one thing everyone had in common is that they were all calm and friendly. As soon as you get moved to a different table, someone always starts up a conversation. There were couple of players there that probably should have been playing in a room with a little more skill but all in all things were pretty well balanced.

The dealers were actually pretty good. They were extremely friendly and pretty funny at times. Some of them were young but everything was dealt pretty flawlessly. The only time I saw a dealer screw up was when he had to calculate side pots. It only happened once and he did have to calculate 4 (!) side pots in 1 hand so I think we can cut him a break. Every dealer had their own style too, some were cool some were funny. Heard a couple of great poker stories as well.

I'm gonna be totally honest here. The only thing I drink is water. I can only tell you about what I've seen. The waitresses weren't all that attractive althought they did wear some revealing clothes. Some of them probably shouldn't have...It was hard for them to mess up my bottle of water order but I did see them messing up a few orders but it was nothing major. I did notice a few time people complaining about how long it took them to bring the drinks over and one time I was sitting next to one of those guys and he got pretty @#$% after almost 15 minutes passed with no sign of his drink anywhere.

Man, there isn't enough good things I can say about the management in that card room. The man who runs the place is called Kurt and he might be the friendliest person I've ever met in my life. Every request, no matter how little, get filled right away. He made me feel so welcomed in that room that I seriously couldn't wait to go back there every morning. As soon as I or anyone else needed something, he was right there getting it or asking someone else to. It was like having your own little army doing your bidding. Simply unreal. He even gave me a nice souvenir the day I left.

There were no high hand or bad beat jackpots or any kind and no comp dollars offered either. I didn't order any food myself but some of the other players did and near as I could tell didn't pay anything other than the tip. I kind of wish they did have high hand jackpots though...would have come in handy when I hit those quad kings.

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