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martinjajou wrote a review about Jamul Casino in Jamul, CA

Avoid Playing Here. (read my experience)

I just moved to San Diego. Ive been visiting most casinos and it was time for Jamul. Came for a $125 bounty tournament. Went through about 6 levels which was 5 different dealers and 4 out of the 5 dealers made a mistake... weather it was early flop, not correct change, calling floor for nothing, incorrect counting.

Floor manager made a incorrect call as well. I was UTG. Had a pretty small stack and went all in.. fold, fold, utg+3 is on his phone and throws one chip then continues to throw a couple more and calls the big blind not realizing i raised all in (5xBB)

He says oh no I didn't see he went all in!
It doesnt matter though because he technically called with the string calling.

Dealer (clueless) calls flor mgr. Floor mgr says "he must keep the BB in but now he can decide on a full call or just lose the BB"

Like dude what? What rules are these clowns playing on?

Too many mistakes. Please take my advice and avoid this place

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MyAmy wrote a review about Jamul Casino in Jamul, CA


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