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Rdsxfan wrote a review about Livermore Casino in Livermore, CA

Intimate settings

The Poker Room has 6 tables. Mon thru Thus they run a morning and evening tourney that is a $35+$10 with unlimited rebuys 3,000 in chips for $20 (if below the 3,000 starting stack) up until the end of level 3 (15 minute levels). They also have an add-on $20 for 4,000 chips) and a rebuy that anyone can get no matter your chip count, $20 for another 3,000. You can get felted on the last hand of level three and for $80 get a fresh stack of 13,000 chips. I would guess that that average amount spent on the tourney is $100. I have only played the nightly, but it usually gets 30-40 players. They post the numbers from the morning tourney and they are in the same ballpark.

It is a common player pool and with so much variance and short blind levels, it can become a shovefest at the final table. Because of that I usually see that a deal is made to pay the final table $40 or $50. I have seen it as high as $80 per player.

It is a fun, no pressure event. Friendly atmosphere, most of the players no each other and how they play.

While the tourney is running the three tables left are usually split between $4-$8 LHO, $6-$12 LO8 and $1-$3NL.

The food is good and the waitstaff are always around.

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