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doublekyan wrote a review about Livermore Casino in Livermore, CA

not too shabby

Parking lot is full , so be prepared to park on the street and walk. Is what it is. I just knew it meant they had action. It's a small room but it was packed with action as I played the morning MTT. $45 entry/ $5 dealer bonus chips, rebuys were $20 , they let you double up the rebuy if u lose initial entry. The add on was $20 and they basically let u get a third rebuy with that add on. I was happy they at least squeeze in a 300-600 B.B. after 200-400. A lot of morning turbo fests like to jump to 400-800. 15 min. Blinds help some but just know that 1k-2k blinds go straight to doubling up after that. Some surprisingly loose bluffy older players. One old man was really loose on calls and very loose agg on pfr with a wide range. I made the ft at about 5/9 and it was too bad a three out river took away my opportunity to be the monster stack and exploit the huge blinds. Dealers were good it has a bar and I thought this place was a cool little hole in the wall with action

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