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thamster wrote a review about Livermore Casino in Livermore, CA

More accurately 3.5 stars

My 'local' casino. Surprised I haven't wrote a review already. While small, it's the only poker room in the area unless you drive out to Oakland, Hayward, San Jose, or Central Valley.

Nice small locals place. Usually has a couple tables going - 1 to 3 tables of limit, and 1 to 2 tables of no limit usually. Staff is friendly (not sure what all the floor complaints are about - while they can be aloof when busy I've never really had a problem).

Players in general are above average - many are local regulars that play the game frequently so they won't make many 'amateur' mistakes, but occasionally rec players drop by.

If you get there early (or last through the night) you get a $20 bonus for starting a game. High hands and bad beat promos available. Tournaments seem to fill up quickly so would get there early if you don't want to waitlist.

Dealers are experienced and engage players. Many are on first name basis with players.

Food/drink services are very good, with wait staff coming by frequently. The grub tends to be average - but the prices are very good.

Management seems competent. Never had any problems and floor oftens fill in to keep game going (and plays legitimately and not just take up a seat like props do).

Probably should be 3.5 stars, but since we can't give half stars rounded it up to 4.

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