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cjjoh wrote a review about Lodge Austin in Round Rock, TX

Time to train up the dealers

There has been a serious drop off in the ability of the dealers to maintain the games. In difficult situations, new desrieles here just allow players to make rules on the fly and just go with it out of lack of competence. In the last 2 days there were no less than 3 times where the player in seat 9 changed seats on the board, or makes rulings on hands, or whatever and the confused dealer just lets them. Last night I had a player fold, but the dealer refused to muck his hand because there was a straight on the board. So even though this man conceded a $500 pot, the dealer refused to take his mucked hand, and then allowed another player ( not in the hand) to convince him not to fold. As this point his hand had been folded for about 35 seconds. The dealer then acts like he’s “confused” as to what to do, and calling the floor. He then lied about the hand saying the player realized on his own that he made a mistake. Basically it hard enough to play Holdem for money, it’s twice as hard if you have to play against the players, the odds, and the dealers at the same time.
Can you please stop auspending talented, knowledgeable dealers and letting clowns like these stay on the floor?!?! Serious question here, why don’t you suspend the dealers who actually make the games bad? Dude who cost me $200 was never told anything and despite the entire table knowing I got screwed and the floor eventually apologizing, I still get nothing from the dealer who screwed me and he gets no consequences. Total bs move.
I only gave a slog boost to management because after ruling incorrectly against me, they then comped my time. That’s cool and all, but the dealers mistake cost me
More than the $11 per hour I was given. This wasn’t hard, and it’s shameful that it was allowed to go down this way.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Lodge Card Club Austin

Come play at the best card club in Texas! Known for big tournaments, thriving cash games, and a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Open 24/7! There's something for everyone at this social club in Round Rock, Texas, just outside of Austin. 3+ tournaments every day and cash games all day and night! See full list of upcoming tournaments

No hourly charge: 8AM-11AM ON WEEKDAYS!


July 19 - 21: $150K Guaranteed Art of Poker 6th Anniversary ($250 Buy-In)

August 1 - 12: $1 Million Guaranteed Mega Monster ($400 Buy-In) - 25 Starting Flights, $250,000+ FIRST PLACE PRIZE!

August 17 at 12:15PM: $40K Guaranteed Art of Poker ($250 Buy-In)

September 14 at 12:15PM: $30K Guaranteed Big One Re-Entry ($360 Buy-In)

Every Sunday at 12:15PM: $15K Guaranteed Deep Stack Single Re-Entry ($250 Buy-In)

Every Tuesday at 7:15PM: $15K Guaranteed Texas Freeroll ($30 Entry Fee, $20 Rebuys)

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