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limitpokerlvr wrote a review about Lucky Chances in Colma, CA

Best poker room closest to SF

Pluses: Plenty of poker games to choose from every day, Stud, LHE, NLH, O 8/b and PLO a few days a week usually too. Stakes from low to high and not usually too long a wait. Table service for food and drink, plus two restaurants, and a table-side masseuse. Great promos (as of Feb 17) including generous high hand payouts, rack attack and bad-beat jackpots. Players are all over the place in terms of skill, so you can really rack up depending on what table you can also get extremely frustrated by all the people drawing out on you with basically no reason to stay in the hand after the flop. Ginormous screens showing sports all around, if you're into that. Never have had to wait in line to cash out at night. Players for the most part seem pretty nice, and although there are definitely some regulars, there don't seem to be many pros. The staff seems pretty friendly too, although they don't have much personality...most of them seem like they're just doing a job and will be happy when it's quitting time. There's an electronic check-in/sign-up option so you don't have to talk to anyone. If you like to play all those crazy games like pai gow, you'll be happy with the entire half of the cardroom devoted to them. Plenty of parking, both underground and aboveground. Small snack shop/convenience shop on the premises.

Minuses: Some of the dealers are really slow, and some are very chatty (to the point where they're not paying complete attention to the action). No matter who the dealer is, they never seem to pay much attention to the amount of time a player is lobbying until someone complains that it's been, like, 45 minutes and can we please get a player in there? The fluorescent lighting is awful. The food is very hit or miss and can sometimes cost more than what seems reasonable. Eating at the table is awkward because there isn't much extra space between tables. They don't explain the current promotions anywhere on the website, so you have to ask. All the tournaments every day are NLH, so if that's not your game, you're outta luck.

Overall, this is the best place to play near SF because it's the closest one, has plenty of action and seems decently well run.

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