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JCROUNDER wrote a review about Lucky Chances in Colma, CA

Not a Very Good Place to Play....

I was awaiting a flight and decided to take a look at this place to check out the action. I had played at the Oaks last time and had a good experience there but this was so much closer to the airport that I thought it was worth checking into. Bad decision on my part.

I played 1-2-2. It played like a 2-4 game which was fine for me in that I usually play in a 2-5 game. From the start it was a pretty different vibe from this most anywhere I played. Here are some of the things I thought were off.


1) English was not the primary language at the table and the dealers let different conversations during hands happen. This should not occur in any poker room.

2) The dealers and people who worked there were allowed to play in the games. This is just a bad deal in that there was definitely favoritism here.

3) This game played with $1 + $20 Chips. You talk about slowing down the game. Wow! What a cluster. I guess they don't have any $5 Chips? When I first got there it looked like guys were sitting with Mega Stacks but it was all ones. Imagine playing a cash game with $1 and $50 bills that's what this felt like. Plus many people were bad with math so play took forever.

4) The service for food was hard to get unless you spoke the language. Even than it was below average.

5) Average floor management. Didn't feel as if my play was valued. No warm and fuzzy feeling here.

6) Comp system was a joke. Some guy walked around with a clipboard. Only saw him once at the end of the night.


1) Pretty good action.

2) Food was not bad once you got a chance to make an order.

**All and all I would recommend you try somewhere else. Not a quality place to play a session.

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