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shipit wrote a review about Maryland Live! in Hanover, MD

Good Room for getting your poker fix,

No glitz or glamour aesthetically, which in my book is a plus. If you are on the lower floor you may hear the ding ding ding from the slots, but if you are upstairs it is civil and serene. There are always games running.

Staff: Competent dealers for the most part. Floor has never made a WTF ruling that i've seen. Chip runners are very speedy.

Game selection: I only play NL holdem but there are regularly LIMIT - PLO - Omaha - HORSE games running. They have had great promos for cash game players recently ($2500 high hands hourly on mondays and wednesdays). They have wifi and chargers in the table for your phone which comes in handy for those long sessions.

I play 1-2 most of the time. 2-5 when i feel frisky. Some tables will be softer than toiler paper, some will be tough. Completely depends on the draw. You will know within 2 orbits which one you're at. I've seen some HORRIFIC play at 1-2. But seemingly these donks get there more often than they should and win huge pots lol. "i thought you were bluffing" or "i had to call you ( on a 2 out draw)" will be common phrases you will hear. Just hope you end up on the good side of variance when you play the rubes. 2-5 plays extremely big from other rooms i've played at (hence why i only play when i'm feeling frisky). The mix of players will vary drastically depending upon weekday versus weekend. You are guaranteed to have a noob player on a weekend at your table. Weekdays seem to be degens and grinders. Tougher games for sure.

The CONS are: if you are playing 1-2 NL or a tournament you are going to be upstairs. As others have mentioned, no bathroom up on the 2nd floor. You have to go all the way down to take a pee. I dont mind stretching my legs to take a pee if i play cash, but if you are playing a tourney and cant hold it until the break (tourneys are ALWAYS upstairs) you are definitely missing 2 -3 hands.

Drink Service: i cant blame the room for charging for alcohol cuz thats state law, but at least have competent waitresses. YIKES. Service is slow would be a nice way of saying, it doesnt matter what you order because she will never bring it to you. i almost always walk to the bar on the first floor to get a soda or bottled water. 100x faster.

More CONS not specifically related to the room:
The casino itself has HORRIBLE food options that are quick and easy. There is a cheesecake factor which accepts comps and a nice steak house (not sure if they take comps) but again not really quick and easy. There is a mall connected to the facility with a food court which is where i usually end up.

Security to enter the casino is like entering a prison. They search your bags vigorously. They will make you throw out a bottled water. They will make you throw out a PBJ. I've learned to hide food lol but its still annoying to even show my backpack like a criminal. NO other casino i've been to has this crap to deal with.

FREEROLL tournaments! I would MUCH rather have my hourly comps/rake go towards a free roll tournament!

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

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