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lexbooker wrote a review about Mirage in Las Vegas, NV

Unprofessional Dealers and House

Dealer error cost me a river bet on a big pot in $1-2 NL. This hand occurred shortly after midnight on Saturday, July 13, 2019.

I picked up A-2 clubs in the cutoff and went to the flop 3-handed (hijack, cutoff, button). The flop was low cards, connected, two clubs. Hijack checked, I checked, button bet $20 into a $25 pot; hijack and cutoff called.

Turn was an off-suit mid-card, connecting with straight draws and possible overs. Checked to the button, who bet $40 into the $65 pot. Two callers.

River completed the flush on an unpaired board. Button checked out of turn; hijack checked behind and, before I could say anything, the dealer told both of them to turn up their cards. Hijack exposed J-9 clubs. I'm sitting there with the nut flush on a $150 pot, and the hand is dead. I bet $100 with the other players' cards exposed, and both players folded. The hijack later told me, in confidence, that if the hand had played out as it should, he probably would've looked me up-- I'd bluffed a hand recently and been caught.

I get it. Things happen. Dealers are human. But the House refused to apologize or even own the mistake. I'm sorry, but it's the dealer's job to follow the action and know who's in the pot, ESPECIALLY when we might be playing for stacks. Other comments here have addressed dealer apathy and error, which leads me to think this is a systemic problem.

Mirage, do right by the game, your players and dealers. We come to Vegas expecting fair play and professionalism.

Food and Drink

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