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verrive wrote a review about Palace Station in Las Vegas, NV

Friendly Room Mostly Full of Locals

Overall it was generally a clean and "cozy" room. Didn't notice the garbage problems others talked about. Not the best room to make a lot of $$ but overall fun.

Only a few players I would call actual poker players. A lot of locals and retirees they were just waiting for a top 10 hand and a couple of donkeys who occausionally get lucky and catch a flop.

Dealers except for one didn't seem to have much of a personality and wouldn't converse with you even if you tried to make small talk. Didn't make many mistakes except they weren't to keen on keeping track of the kill button.

Waitresses weren't the hottest I've ever seen but they have a personality and I've definetely seen worse. They ran by every 15 minutes and from what I saw didn't have any problems getting things right.

Management was extremely friendly and helpful. They apparently don't do rewards there but he was happy to call someone and have them run up and take all my information while I kept playing.

From what I heard comps were a buck an hour, nothing crazy. They also have bad beats and a fixed pay out if you hit a royal from what I heard but I didn't plan on playing long to hit any big jackpots.

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Rob wrote a review about Palace Station in Las Vegas, NV

Fun Locals Room

Off the Strip, Palace Station caters to the locals crowd. The dealers are professional and very friendly, and... Read More