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TheCaptain wrote a review about Palace Station in Las Vegas, NV

Local Station room, no surprises

Similar to Sam's Town or the other Station properties, both in terms of amenities and clientele. The chips are old and dirty, so's the felt, the chairs are mediocre, but they have swipe-in at the table and auto-shufflers, so that's good. They spread limit hold e'm, run free rolls and bad beats and high hands. Pretty predictable mix of old timers just looking for something to do. Nobody really grinding out profit margin here. Casual.

Lots of weak play, chasers abound. Very few tight-aggressives. Soft game but not exactly full of rammer-jammer 'gamblers' like you see on the Strip in the NL games.

Competent and friendly, no complaints.

Quick service.

Informative. They keep the games goign and move people around if need be. They are on top of things but don't 'try too hard'.

Pretty good. They go right on the card but there's not a lot of old school leeway like I would expect at this type of property. It's not like they see you sitting at the table for 6 or 8 hours and then you just say, Hey, can I get a comp for some eggs. It's all technologized now and sometimes it takes the $1/hour a full 24 hours to show up on your card. The card is more for slot players, who they cater to with vestibules and swipe stations all over the property. It's great for that but can be a bit annoying for poker players.

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Rob wrote a review about Palace Station in Las Vegas, NV

Fun Locals Room

Off the Strip, Palace Station caters to the locals crowd. The dealers are professional and very friendly, and... Read More