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LasVegasMichael wrote a review about Palace Station in Las Vegas, NV

Run of the mill poker at Stations original casino...

Palace Station is the original Stations casino. Catering to locals, the room is about what you would expect for a locals room. Nothing spectacular, and nothing that bad. Just average in every way. Recently remodeled, it is basically the same room it always was but with nicer wallpaper and slighlty better chairs.

The locals that play here have been playing here for years, if not decades. It is an older traditional clientele that is peppered with tourists that are too cheap to stay on the Strip. Better then the average poker player, but not pros, by any means.

Dealers here are experienced and quick. No complaints. Standard for stations. No major mistakes at my 4/8L game, and no green ones.

No premium or top shelf, but you wouldn't expect it either. Waitresses have been here a while by and large, but the service was quick as expected from a fairly small room.

Though experienced, they seem to cater heavily to regulars and overlook visitors a little moreso then necessary. Player list was originized, but when I went, no list was necessary, as they had seats open. Questions were answered promptly. No issues. Average to slightly above average management.

I'm sorry, but though many locals swear by the bad beat jackpot and freerolls that Stations offers, they are still raping the customers with the jackpot drop. They drop a dollar at $10 (used to be $20), and don't even return all of it to ther players (15% kept for "administrative fees"). With a drop that low, even the $1 per hour comp (which is capped, I believe) is not worth it. Overall, my short 4/8 session here was one that can be had anywhere. No reason to make special effort to visit Palace Station unless you are already there (like I was).

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