Parkwest Casino Sonoma formerly 101 Casino

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9 Tables
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pokergrinder707 wrote a review about Parkwest Sonoma in Petaluma, CA

nice room unbeatable promos

Notice the last review wasnt great. No sure how he can give 101 1 chip and napa 5 chip. . I suppose he works there.. no way is napa 5 chip.. anyhow I played at 101 a lot before graton opened. They used to get really good no limit games and their promos are the best in the bay. . But the nl action is at graton now so I play there..
Free food at 101 for me. Staff are great very friendly. . Yes I have noticed new faces so I assume they are new dealers.. place is a nice and friendly place to play. If I played limit I would rather play at 101. Aces cracked. . Splash attack.. bad beats.. but im a nl player

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