Parkwest Casino Sonoma formerly 101 Casino

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9 Tables
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Rdsxfan wrote a review about Parkwest Sonoma in Petaluma, CA

Progressive Bounty Tournament

This is a $140 Buy in event which breaks down as $80 + $20 + 2-$20 Bounty Chips.

Everyone starts with the two bounty chips and the easy example of how it works is would be if two of you are all in and each has their initial 2 bounty chips. If you knock the player out, you collect their 2 chips. You cash one in immediately and collect $20, while the other one goes into your bounty stack, which is now 3 chips. If you then get knocked out, that player cashes one in for $20 and adds the other two to their bounty stack. In one example I am aware of, when they got to the final table, they cashed out the bounty chips they had.

Nice structure and an interesting tournament. I had heard about it on the Ante Up Podcast and while in the area, made a trip to Petaluma.

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