Parkwest Casino Sonoma formerly 101 Casino

Poker Tables:
9 Tables
Minimum Age:
mighty_moosh wrote a review about Parkwest Sonoma in Petaluma, CA

terrible staff

played in the Ante Up North Bay series.
very weak field of players.
but need to put up with terribly inexperienced staff.

playing at the final table.
two all-ins on 4th street. turn up with same cards, can only split.
dealer begins chopping pot without dealing river.
two players ask to see final card.
dealer waves off, says no.
players remind him he must deal it.
dealer is offended, pushes back aggressively.
call over floor.
tournament director defends dealer!, even more aggressively!!
15 minutes later, cards back in the air.

don't think they get any cash games.
this place won't be around for long.

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