PDX Poker Club formerly Encore Poker Club

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16 Tables
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Wow!really? wrote a review about PDX in Portland, OR


I would like to start out by saying I do not play poker I do not know how. I am however very observant. I am sitting with my sweetheart and a $20,000 tournament observing an employee. I do not know his name but he was a leather jacket and a blue and red ball cap with an A on it.

He got lucky couple of times and got his chip stack up a bit he then proceeded to sit on it, much like a hen on her eggs. Every hand that was dealt he got up and walked away and started cleaning the poker room and simply did not play. Not knowing much about the game and not wanting to interrupt my sweetheart I asked the gentleman at the check-in desk if this was a legal form of play. He said it was not only legal but encouraged. I found this rather bothersome. In my mind this is much like running in the Boston marathon which is a 26 mile race and not entering the race until the 25th mile.

And then I thought perhaps he doesn't know how to play, perhaps he's just lucky and have to sit on it because he doesn't know how to play with any kind of finesse but rather had to rely on his luck. As fate would have it my sweetheart just took him out.

My question to many poker players out there is this someone that you want to play against? To me this is someone who cheers on a team in the Super Bowl simply because they're in the Super Bowl and not because they are this persons team they are loyal to. It's kind of like going to Sturgis and trailering your bike and rather than riding it.

With all due respect I would assume this gentleman probably watches his wife masturbate for 45 minutes to penetrate only last three minutes and then taking credit for the entire organism which he truly have nothing to do with in the first place.

My sweetheart is still at the final table along with two other players who have truly played the game, just as my sweetheart has with finesse. and he's not here alone because he never would do the previously mentioned scenario either

Fitness and integrity ladies and gentlemen just saying......

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