Poker Tables:
11 Tables
Closed (3:00pm - TBD)
Minimum Age:
12:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
jpowers11b wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Beware of house play here. Pay attention to team play and watch the deal

Beware of the staff hustling players. Initially I sat down to a table full of staff members playing against me. I don't mind when staff plays at a card room but when the discuss soft play and entice action / mess up action for non staff players it crosses the line. I believe I was hustled here for my money and I will not go back. I have also discussed with all my peers and they are also not going to go now. Upon hearing stories after I told mine to them I regret going. I believe I had to play against a team of at least 3 players to stand a chance of winning due to enticed action or verbal collusion. I without a doubt know this will be uncovered eventually and hopefully by people who know how to recollect their swindled money. I do not recommend. I will not refer and I hope this place will be exposed for BS going on. Plenty of other places to play where you can have a good time and not be hustled.

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  • jpower11b,

    I am very sorry to hear about your bad experience. Since this is the first real negative review we have received since opening 5 months ago, and it goes in direct contrast with the prior 20, I wanted to be sure it was addressed fully.

    This New Year's Eve day you came in, it was a particularly slow day as it relates to our other Members' attendance. Our staff loves Peaks and is present many days to help get games going. They are not shy or secretive about working and playing at a place they love. In fact, our staff reported that you directly asked within the first 10 minutes, "how many of you work here?" and those staff players fully disclosed their relationship with Peaks. We appreciate the 6 hours that you continued to play after this exchange, and we hope you enjoyed the free catered food from Flying Fish and the $2 beer you paired with dinner.

    After reviewing camera footage, I was happy to see that you amassed a healthy chip stack by winning hands against numerous Peaks staff members. It was unfortunate to see that you were ultimately beaten by a very skilled Member of ours, one who actually works at Poker House of Dallas.

    While I understand the frustrations of losing, I would encourage you to speak directly with management or the owners of Peaks before posting a potentially damaging and emotionally guided comment on a public forum. Peaks is a family owned and non-profit business which cares for Members first. We will always address concerns of Members and do everything we can to right wrong situations. Losing sessions happen, and I'm sorry this one had to be at our club.

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Peaks Members:

JOIN US for Jeff's $2/5 game Sundays at 3p. $500-2,000/Stack, 1DC/Rd. (PLO, BP, or Congress), up to $25 UTG straddle. Complimentary Raising Cane's!

Jason's Game is growing! Mondays x 7p: 2 to 3 tables of $1/2 Deep Stack $500-2,000/Stack, 1PLO/Rd., $50 splash pots every hour. Complimentary Grimaldi's Pizza!

David A's Big Game Wednesdays x 7p: $2/5 NLH, $500-3,000/Stack,1 DC/Rd. game, up to $25 button straddle. Complimentary Williams Chicken!

Peaks is the only private social club in Dallas with ping-pong, foosball, shuffleboard, card games, board games, chess, a full bar, arcade games, and so much more!

March Special Pricing for Existing Members:
-$12 hourly Club Access Fee for all Members
-$7 hourly Bar Only Access
-Pricing valid for every hour of operation in March!
-Ask about prepaid access fee options and bulk purchases

Industry Pricing for all City Club, Country Club, or Private Club Employees
-$5 hourly Club Access Fee for all industry members
-Ask about prepaid access fee options and bulk purchases
-Full access to all the normal free snacks and refreshments, energy drinks, free catered dinner, and $2 beer, $3 wine, $4-5 liquors

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Looks Amazing

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