Poker Tables:
11 Tables
Open Now (3:00pm - TBD)
Minimum Age:
12:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
inonotting wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Great atmosphere!

I stopped by tonight to check out the facility and I was amazed at their setup. Clean, well decorated, friendly staff. The owner took time out to chat with me about his mission and vision for the facility is very refreshing. I enjoyed it.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Peaks Dallas

Peaks is now OPEN AT 3P every weekday!

Free Play Promotion for New Members:
-New Members are those who have joined on or after September 12, 2022
-$15 Monthly Membership or $150 Yearly Membership required
-Valid ID and debit/credit card are required for all Members

First Ten In Promotion:
-All Existing and New Members qualify
-First 10 Members in the door receive free prizes, with a minimum prize of $50 (ask about "Trick or Treat" upon arrival)
-Members must play minimum 2 hours of cash games to receive prizes

Peaks' Mavs Suite Promotion:
-All Existing and New Members qualify
-Top 20 Members with a minimum 30 paid hours Club Access Fee in the month of October will be invited to attend a Mavs game at the Peaks' American Airlines Center Suite.
-Come enjoy a night of free food and drinks on us while we cheer on the Dallas Mavericks!
-Game Info: Sunday November 20 Mavs vs. Nuggets 6:30p

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mella wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Very nice card room!

Top notch card room with extras. Looking forward to my next visit. ... Read More

  • Thank you, mella!

    We pride ourselves in our amenities, finishes, and environment overall. There are many out there...

z231 wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Great Room

This has quickly become my favorite poker room. Great people, clean environment, good chairs, affordable drinks,... Read More

  • We have an idea who might have underpinned this "intensely friendly" comment and we couldn't be more proud of this...

jimbeaux wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Warm vibe

Big fan of the room and staff time is a little more expensive than the standard but for the free snacks cheap drinks... Read More

poltad wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Looks Amazing

Just opened but this is what a poker room should be. Casual yet elegant feel, beautifully designed, natural light,... Read More

  • We are very happy to have you as a member, Poltad! We are building a fantastic membership base and couldn't be more...

Jlev wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Cleanest and safest place in DFW

I really enjoyed playing recently at this room. It's by far the best location and feels the safest out of all the... Read More

  • Jlev,

    Thank you for the great review! We pride ourselves on being a leading private social club in Dallas. Peaks is...

jampar wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

Fake Reviews

All these reviews so far are fake and from employees/investors/partners. This place is more of a social club instead... Read More

  • jampar,
    I am very sorry you feel this way about our family owned business, which does not have any investors or...

TFishJ5 wrote a review about Peaks in Dallas, TX

peaks cardhouse

This place is a very efficient and innovative room in Dallas. It has lots of options other than just cards and has a... Read More